Holster Price and Affordability

Holster Price

In the real world for most of us, holster price is a issue. The fact of the matter is that we all have to make choices. One of those choices that we make is “how much can we afford”.  Holster price and affordability is just another one of the trade-offs that we have to deal with when finding a good concealed carry rig.

To state the obvious here: if you are willing to pay more, you probably will end up getting more.  However, it’s not a given that you have to pay more to get a good concealment rig. It all depends on what works well for you.

Too Cheap?

To state another fact that should be obvious: there is such a thing as too cheap. If the holster doesn’t perform to spec, or worse yet, fails miserably, it doesn’t matter how cheap it was. It was way too expensive in the long run.  A cheap holster may embarrass you by dropping your gun during a failure.  You could easily end up in legal trouble if your holster failed and showed your weapon in public. Worst case scenario, someone is hurt or killed because the holster failed.

Fit is Important

Make sure that the holster that you pick fits you properly, holds the gun properly, and appears to have a high quality of construction and materials.

Picking a good holster is an integral part of carrying concealed, and picking the right holster FOR YOU is an especially important part of the process.  You may go through a holster or two (or ten) before you find a few sets that you really like… but when you weigh the options, that’s better than not carrying at all.

No One Answer

One other thought: There is no “one right answer” for everything. Even if you find a good selection that works for you, it’s not going to work with every scenario you might have for it. Find two or three different styles of carry that you like, so you can change up when you need to. I say this, not to sell you more holsters, but because the more options you have, the more likely you are to actually carry all the time. And that’s what’s necessary to be ready when life throws you a curve ball.

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