Concealed Carry Tips

Concealed Carry Tips

I started to write Concealed Carry Tips as one long post. I realized that my traditional “long winded and wordy” style might end up writing the blog equivalent of War and Peace. So I decided that it would be better for everyone’s attention span if I were to break it up a bit.

In the past few years, I’ve spent nearly every weekend at one gun show or another. I’ve talked to thousands of people about what works and doesn’t work for them.

There is one thing that is true 100% of the time: there is no such thing as a perfect concealed carry system.  Everything is a trade off to one extent or another. Even when you find a good system for you, it won’t necessarily always be the answer for you. Circumstances change.  What works well in the dead of winter, might be a bit obvious in the heat of summer.

Grizzled old veterans of concealed carry know all this already.  This is for people who are just getting started with concealed carry. To help get them thinking in the directions of solving the riddle. The riddle that is “what to do”. because it’s just that, a riddle. It’s not a quick answer that some “expert” can rattle off without even looking at you. Good concealed carry tips are just that, tips. You have to figure out what the final answers are for you.

Everything is a trade off, but what elements are you trading?  Well, every concealment rig or system has elements of the following:


If the weapon isn’t well hidden, you may have a big problem.  A weapon not well concealed scares some of the passersby.  It gives away your advantage.  And it can attract curious law enforcement officers who want to know what part of “concealed” you failed to understand.


If the rig isn’t comfortable, you aren’t going to carry it very often.  Carrying a weapon “only when you need it” is kind of like wearing your seat belts in your car “only when you will be in an accident”.  Unless you can accurately predict the future, get over this malarkey.  Carry as often as you can, without running afoul of the law.

Accessibility and Retention

Two sides of the same coin.  If the gun isn’t accessible, it’s probably useless.  If it’s not where it’s supposed to be when it’s supposed to be there, it’s worse than useless.

Cost, Affordability, and Durability

Lets face it, the most perfect holster in the world does you no good if you can’t afford to buy it and use it.  And if the holster falls apart on you, or fails to operate as advertised when you need it, it doesn’t matter how cheap it was, it still cost too much.  🙂

Get a Good Gun Belt

One of the simplest things you can do to improve your concealed carry experience, is to get an appropriate gun belt and use it when carrying. These come in many styles and manufacturing materials. I sell USA Made thick leather gun belts at the gun shows.

Concealed Carry Gun Selection

What weapon you choose will affect how you conceal it, how comfortable it is, and how well it can be concealed.