Holster Comfort

Holster Comfort

When people first get into concealed carry, many of them do not give enough attention to the issue of holster comfort.  An old saying goes: “A Gun should not be comfortable. It should be comforting.”  It’s always a matter of what level of comfort you are willing to live with compared to the other elements you have to contend with. It’s all just part of the puzzle.

Why is Holster Comfort so important?

The more painful it is for you to carry your defense weapon, the more likely you are to forget it, accidentally or on purpose. Some people take this to the extreme of only carrying “when they think that something might happen”.  Hogwash!  The problem with life, is that it doesn’t schedule things for you, nor does it play fair.  Things happen when you don’t expect them to, not when it’s convenient for you.

Assuming you wear a seat belt when driving, do you only wear it when you expect to be in an accident? Or do you wear it whenever you are driving?

When you think you need it

Simply put, Holster Comfort is necessary, at least to some degree, because it encourages you to carry constantly, not just “when you think you might need it”.  There is no colder feeling than finding yourself in a bad situation, that could be averted with your defense weapon, only to remember that you left it at home.

I want to stress again, this is yet another reason why it’s so important to try on your perspective holster, with a gun (or an acceptable substitute) in it, before making a decision on using it.  If the holster isn’t comfortable, you should look for something that is. Don’t force yourself to use a holster you don’t like.

Strong Gun Belts

Often times, your choice of clothing can make a significant difference in your Holster Comfort. For example, simply adding a strong gun belt can make a holster seem far more comfortable.

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