Packin’ Tee Concealed Carry T-Shirt


The Packin’ Tee represents the next generation of concealed carry t-shirt.

One of the first things that you notice when you examine one, is that the holster is modular and attached with industrial strength hook and loop material (Velcro).

There are reinforcements around the side of the shirt, over the shoulder and around the arm holes, and across the back. Basically, the manufacturer made a cloth shoulder holster, and then sewed it into the inside of the shirt.

The shirt itself is 100% cotton, pre-shrunk. This means that it’s not only comfortable and easy to clean, but it “looks normal”. There are a number of concealed carry t-shirts out there that have rather “distinctive” looks to them, looks that can give you away to people who know what to look for.

One of the best features of this holster system is the modular holsters themselves. You can easily switch out between the various holsters to customize your carry to what you need to do. You can move the holster up, down, sideways, or just give it a small cant forward or backward, whatever it takes to give you that sweet spot for carry comfort that makes all the difference in the world in whether or not a holster system “works” for you.

Are all Packin’ Tees sleeveless?

All of the mens style shirts are sleeveless. The womens’ shirts have small “cap sleeves” on them.

What colors are they available in?

All shirts, mens and womens’ both, are in both Black and white.

How heavy of a gun can I carry?

The manufacturer rates these shirts as being useful for guns “up to 10 pounds” in weight.

How big of a gun can I carry?

That’s a bit more detailed of a question.  A concealed carry gun that is too small to work with this would be one of the NAA mini revolvers.  A gun that’s too large would be the larger N-Frames and other super sized revolvers.  Things in between those two extremes tend to work with the Packin’ Tee.

How do I clean these shirts?

Official answer: Remove the holster patches before washing, then just wash them as you would do your regular t-shirts.

Unofficial answer: You can wash and dry them with the patches in place.  Once you do this, the patches (which are made out of industrial strength velcro) will NOT easily remove from the shirt.  They will work just fine, but be sure that you have the patches “where you want them” before doing this.  You may not be able to adjust them afterwards.

What is the life expectancy on these shirts?

This is a piece of clothing, and underwear at that. Given that, it’s not going to last forever. The manufacturer has estimated that you should be able to get two years out of them under “normal use”.

I’ve been using these for several years. I’ve never seen one actually fail. They do eventually get old, and most people replace them rather than wear a several year old shirt.

Do I need to wear an over shirt with this?

Only if you feel the need to conceal the weapon. Seriously, though, pretty much every method of concealment depends at least in part on “cover garments”. This one is no different.

Does the shirt need to be tight on me?

Snug is good. Tourniquet is bad.

Previous designs of shirts needed a good amount of “tight fit” to keep the weapon in the place. Because of the reinforcement built into this shirt, it doesn’t need to be worn as tightly as other similar products, but you do not want to wear it loose, either. Wearing it loosely will cause the weapon to sag, hang lower than normal, and bounce off your ribcage in a most annoying manner. Wearing the shirt “snug” is a good idea.

What size should I order?

If you wear an XL, then get an XL sized Packin’ Tee. There is no need to “guesstimate down” the size with this shirt. These were built from the ground up as concealment shirts, and they were built knowing that they needed to be snug. So, if you normally wear, say, and XL for comfort, then pick up an XL here as well, and it will fit on you snugly.

What if I wear two different sizes?

If, for example, you wear both XL and 2X depending on the cut, then you should probably get a 2X Packin’ Tee. Remember, these are built to be snug, and if you get a size too small, it’s really going to be a size too small! 🙂

Is this shirt hot to wear?

Being in the midwest, I get this question a lot. The answer is that it’s no hotter than any other 100 percent cotton t-shirt. If you can live with a t-shirt on, this will be no different to you.

Will my gun get rusty from my sweat?

Well, I can’t answer to the rust resistance of your gun, but I can tell you this: One of the reinforcement layers that makes this shirt so suited for this job, is a thin layer of plastic that helps keeps any moisture from getting from you to your gun.

How do I draw my weapon from this holster?

The Packin’ Tee is a cross draw style holster, traditionally one of the easiest draw motions there is. If you have a button down shirt, just reach inside and grab the weapon. If you have a non-button down (pullover) type shirt, just grab the shirt bottom nearest the gun, and pull the shirt over the top of the weapon, then go ahead and grab your gun.

Do Packin’ Tees come in “big and tall” sizes?

Yes and sort of. Yes, in that they currently come in 2x, 3x, and 4x shirts. There are no specific “tall” versions, but these shirts were made longer than most concealment shirts, and as a result, most people will find the length to be fine. The larger the shirt, the longer they are.

Can I get a Packin’ Tee configured to carry two guns?

One of the really nice things about this design is that you can easily configure it to whatever you need to go. It comes standard with both left and right mountings. Possible setups include:

One gun, no other rigging

Two guns, no other rigging

One gun, plus magazine carrier

One gun, plus hidden pocket

Bear in mind that you can buy the equipment to run any and all of these options, but you can only run the above options at any given time. The mag carrier takes the place of the second gun, for example.

How many different holsters are there available for the Packin’ Tee?

There are currently two, “large” and “small”. To make life easier for everyone involved, I’m selling these holsters as a set, so no matter what holster you need, you will be set to go. To determine which one you need for your particular gun, just try them out and see which one fits better.


Nylon IWB Holster

Nylon IWB Holster “Inside the Waistband”

There are lots and lots of holster styles out there. A lot of first time carriers will gravitate towards the lower end of the price spectrum first.  That tends to be a Nylon IWB Holster. Lets face it, who wants to spend a hundred bucks on something that turns out to suck rocks?

One of the most basic holster designs for concealed carry work is the Nylon IWB Holster. These are usually inexpensive and offer an option for those first getting started. Some people will stay with this style, most will eventually find something more suitable.


At the shows, I carry Taigear nylon IWB holsters for those looking for a budget option. Considering the price, I feel that these are a decent budget option. I’ve sold this brand for a couple of years now.  They are far better built, in my opinion, than many competitors at my shows costing quite a bit more money.

Taigear Nylon IWB Holster

Size “00” Taigear IWB nylon holster

Holster Features

This holster is ambidextrous, in that you can move the mounting clip to either side. It comes from the factory set up to go “right handed”.  You can move the clip from that position to the other side, allowing left handed use. You can do this with simple tools, such as a tongue depressor.  I use a “tactical butterknife” that I keep in my tool kit at the shows.

This design does not need a good gun belt to operate. However, I strongly recommend a good gun belt for any waist mounted holster, inside or outside. The better the belt, the better your experience will be.


This holster design actually has a crude form of retention on it, the strap going up over the top is actually two strips of Velcro that attach together. You put the gun in, you press the Velcro closed over it.  When you need to draw the gun, you simply pull the gun quickly out of the holster.  This separates the Velcro and releases the gun.


The Velcro strip, as it comes from the factory, is a bit long.  This needs to be adjusted before use.  By adjusted, I mean trimmed down short enough to not be so much of an annoyance while carrying, while still long enough to hold the gun in place when you aren’t trying to draw it.

Clip Notes

The metal clip on this holster isn’t especially tight. If you aren’t wearing it on a belt, especially if you don’t trim up the retention strap, you may draw the entire rig (gun and holster) when you attempt to draw the gun. This is not a good thing. You should take the time to adjust the length of the retention strap before you actually use it.  Be sure to practice drawing (with an unloaded gun for safety in this instance) until you are confident that you have the right adjustment.

Please don’t try to just trim it short right off the bat, as you can’t “cut it longer” if you get too short.


The Nylon IWB Holster are inexpensive compared to many options. Price can vary wildly depending on manufacturer.

Ambidextrous design means you don’t have to buy another one to, say, try out Small of Back carry. You just move the clip to the other side and give it a try.

It’s not as “picky” as many holster designs are, in that one size can fit a number of different guns. However, you will still want to pay attention and get the correct size.


This is by no means a “buy it for life” type option. A holster like this is going to have a limited lifespan.

Materials like this can become “broken in” and softer. If the opening of the holster is feeling “soft” or malleable, you need to be careful with it in use.  A broken in / soft holster can bow inwards upon insertion of the gun.  In Extreme cases, this can cause an accidental discharge of the gun.  You should always pay close attention when holstering your weapon.

I sell these at gun shows, but I do not do mail order for these holsters. If you would like to have a closer look at them, here’s a link to see them on Amazon.

Nylon IWB Holsters