Wichita Gun Show Century II

Wichita Gun Show Century II

Information on the Wichita Gun Show held at Century II

Next Show Date

Next show date is September 29th & 30th, 2018

Previous show date is July 14th & 15th, 2018.

Facility and Promoter

Location: Century II Wichita

Promoter: RK Shows

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Century II is a rather large facility. The Wichita gun show is held in the “Bob Brown Expo Hall” portion of the venue. Because it’s so large, various building and even the parking lots have their own addresses according to the website for the facility. I’m going to use the “main address” of 225 West Douglas, Wichita Kansas 67202-3100 for the purpose of this page.

Basic Show Information

The restrooms at the Wichita Gun Show are actually fairly nice for a gun show, but they are all located by the food sales, so there can be a bit of a hike depending on where you started at.

Food sales are typical gun show, nothing really special. And of course, given that you are a captive audience, expensive. Plan accordingly.

Air conditioning is actually decent in this location, at least it was at previous shows.

There have been at least three promoters working gun shows in this location. Keep that in mind when looking, and if you had a good or bad experience, make sure you are blaming or crediting the right promoter, not the facility, for said show.  There have been two normal gun show promoters, and one “outdoors show” promoter that had a small gun show contingent back in one corner.  Of the two normal gun show promoters, only RK Shows is still working Century II.

Parking is interesting. Pretty much the entire area around the facility is coated in parking meters. Checking with the show promoters, the parking meters are not enforced on Saturdays and Sundays, so it’s effectively free parking.

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