Topeka Gun Show

Topeka Gun Show

Information on the Topeka Gun Show is as follows:

Next Show Date

Next Show: December 08 & 09

Past Show: September 15 & 16, 2018.
Past Show: July 07 & 08, 2018.

Facility and Promoter:

Location: Kansas ExpoCenter

Promoter: RK Shows

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Address: This location has the “vanity address” of 1 Expocentre Drive, Topeka Kansas 66612. If your GPS doesn’t understand that address, it’s on Topeka Boulevard, between 17th and 21st streets. Once you are in the area, it’s kind of hard to miss.

Basic Show Information:

This facility is decent for gun shows. It’s a decent sized fairly modern building. Bathroom facilities are in good repair, but all located along one side of the building, so there may be a walk involved.

Sad to say, show food at this facility is among the poorest I’ve seen at a show. And, as is typical for a gun show, seriously overpriced. I seriously cannot recommend you get food from this show.

Parking is free, at least it has been every time I looked. You will have a little bit of a walk from the outer edges to the front door if the show is getting crowded.

There have been multiple Topeka Gun Show promoters using this facility in the past.  At the current time, only RK Shows has been hosting shows here.

Air conditioning is decent in this facility.

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