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Remora Holster – Once Upon a Time

Years ago, I used to sell the Remora Holster at the gun shows. While I’ve moved on to a similar product in the Grip Hugger, I still have a spot in my heart for the Remora Holster.

The Remora holsters typically share the same basic features. They use a very grippy and waterproof PVC outer coating and the edging is made from the same material. A cordura nylon inside, and 1/8″ closed cell foam for padding in the middle. That describes the Basic Remora Holster

Before going any further, here’s a video that I made many years ago, featuring my daughter Morgan, doing a basic demonstration of the Remora holster:

Remora Holster has made a video that really does a good job of explaining all of the basics.

Options, Options, Options

Remora Holster didn’t stick to the one product. They kept tinkering and creating new options for the holster. Some were simply cosmetic, such as different color linings, or even different color exteriors. Some put their logo in the material itself.

There were a number of useful options, however.

Tuckable Remora Holster

Remora has made a good video explaining how this variant works. It actually has info in it that wasn’t available when I was selling them.

When I was selling these, the tuckables never really were a fast mover for me. I just didn’t get a lot of people wanting that particular feature. A friend of mine that sells in another area, though, does have better luck with them than I did.

Remora RFT Holster

RFT stands for “Reinforced Top”. A stiffener is placed at the top of the mouth of the holster. This keeps the holster mouth open when the gun is removed. This feature allows the wearer to “one hand reholster”, which is to return the gun to holster carry without actually manipulating the holster.

The video explains this in detail:

This is a feature mostly in demand from law enforcement officers, who may find themselves with a hand busy dealing with a suspect. A typical concealed carrier probably isn’t going to find themselves in that situation. A number of people still want that capacity, though, and this provides it.

The Body Shields

I didn’t spot a video explaining this one, so we will just have to do it the old fashioned way. A Body Shield holster is one that is taller on one side (the side towards the body) than the other side. The reason for this is so that people who don’t want any metal touching their body, don’t have to have metal touching their body.

To make matters more fun for us vendors, they actually had two versions, a normal and a really tall version. The body shield is directional, it has to be only right handed or left handed. The basic Remora Holster was completely ambidextrous, the Body Shields? Not at all.

If you are making these as you go, such as Remora Holster would be doing, this isn’t an issue. If you have to buy your products in advance and try to guess what the public wants to get, then you have an issue.

There are actually a lot more variants out there, including some that were introduced after I stopped carrying the holsters. Given that, it would be hard for me to comment on them, so I won’t. As a gun show vendor, I keep my stock to a small table space and as fast moving as I can. The Remora Holster line is excellent, but it just got too much to try to keep up with as a vendor.

I have no trouble recommending theĀ Remora HolsterĀ to anyone looking for a good concealed carry option. I just no longer carry them myself, going with the Grip Hugger holster instead.

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