Nylon Clip Holster – Outside the Waistband

Nylon Clip Holster

Basic Clip Holster, Nylon OWB

Basic Nylon Clip Holster, Outside the Waist style

This type of clip holster is not something that I recommend for concealed carry duty due to it’s overall bulk. This holster can be very difficult to hide. However, a good number of them sell, simply because they are inexpensive, and they fulfill functions that aren’t related to concealed carry.

If you need your gun protected in place, such as in a vehicle, these are fine. If you are headed out back for a little target practice, these are great for that.

Open Carry Option?

Technically, yes, you can use this for Open Carry work. I usually recommend something a bit more secure if you are expecting the possibility of having someone fight you for possession of your gun, though.

This holster does have a retention strap. However, it’s more designed with the idea of preventing accidental drops. Defense against an aggressor is a whole different ball game.


Most Nylon Outside the Waistband Holsters have the same basic features. The ones I work with have a metal clip to attach with. You can move the clip from side to side. This allows for right handed or left handed use.

If you don’t like to use a metal clip, there is a space to pass your belt through for securing it to you.

The thumb break security strap attaches with velcro hook and loop, and can be moved around to suit your needs.

The holsters intended for use with a pistol have a built in magazine pouch for carrying a spare magazine. The ones built for use with a revolver do NOT have this feature.

This should not be your primary concealed carry option.  It’s rather difficult to hide.  It does make a good non-conceal option for many purposes.

Nylon OWB Holsters

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