Kansas City Gun Show – KCI Expo Center

Kansas City Gun Show – KCI Expo Center

Information on the Kansas City Gun Show held at the KCI Expo Center.

Next Show Date

Next Show: October 27 & 28, 2018.

Previous Show: August 18 & 19, 2018.

Facility and Promoter:

Location: KCI Expo Center

Promoter: RK Shows

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Address: 11730 NW Ambassador Drive, Kansas City Missouri 64153

Basic Show Information:

The Kansas City Gun Show at the KCI Expo Center is held in a larger building with many separate rooms. It’s possible that more events than the Kansas City Gun Show can be held here at the same time. This can be an issue with parking when it happens.

Food is available through a separate room in the KCI Expo Center called the “Fly Away Cafe”. While high priced, it’s actually better than some I’ve seen. Although, to be honest, for the prices charged, you wouldn’t voluntarily pick it as an option. It has a small museum style display about various aviation topics in there.

Restrooms are well maintained, and unfortunately, located closer to the main entrance than the room where the gun shows are held. You are going to have a walk ahead of you. On the bright side, it’s easy to hit the bathroom before leaving.

Parking is interesting. Especially if more than one event takes place at the same time. The KCI Expo Center main parking lot is decent sized, but also shares space with the Holiday Inn that’s next to the facility. Because of this, Kansas City Gun Show parking often spills out into the adjoining streets, and empty grass lots across the street.

During RK Shows, shuttle busses are set up to help move you back and forth from parking to the front door.

I’m from Kansas, can I buy a gun at this show?

Kansas City is a “dual state” city, with some of it in Kansas and some of it in Missouri.  This can lead to interesting issues when legally buying a gun there.

The KCI Expo Center is on the Missouri side, very close to MCI Airport.  Missouri laws apply here.

I’m not a lawyer or a BATFE agent, but here’s what I know:

Long Guns from FFL Dealers: Kansas and Missouri are reciprocal on long gun purchases. Citizens from either state can buy long guns from FFL dealers from either state.

Long Guns from private sellers: Missouri citizens can buy from other Missouri Citizens.  Kansas private buyers or sellers may have to go through an FFL dealer to legally buy or sell in Missouri.

Handguns from FFL Dealers or Private sellers: Missouri citizens can buy at their convenience. Kansas citizens can buy from an FFL dealer but will have to have the gun transferred to a Kansas FFL to officially sell it to them.  The same caveat applies to any private sales of handguns.

There are usually a couple of dealers at this show that will perform this service for a fee, typically called a “transfer fee”.

Multiple Promoters working this facility

There are at least two active promoters doing Kansas City Gun Shows at this facility, and there have been others in the past. RK Shows is the one that’s doing regular gun shows, another one is doing C&R (Curio & Relic) collectors shows.

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