Don Hume Leather Holsters

Don Hume Leather Holsters

Don Hume Leather Holsters have been around on the market for a good 40 years plus. Based in Miami Oklahoma, they have been producing a number of styles popular in the concealed carry community. I have been carrying some of their models at the gun shows for quite some time now.

JIT Holster (OWB Style)

Don Hume JIT Holster - Front view

Don Hume JIT Leather Holsters front

The JIT is an “outside the waistband” (OWB) holster intended for the 3:00 to 4:00 position, or 9:00 to 8:00 if you are left handed.

There is no “cant” to this gun, in that it’s built to keep the gun straight up and down.

The pistol rides “high” in this holster compared to some. The center of gravity will be on the beltline, with the pistol grip above the center of gravity. This design puts the gun overall higher than some. This makes it a bit easier to hide than lower hanging holsters.

If you are wanting your gun to be straight up and down, and on or near the hip, the JIT holster is a good option.

Don Hume JIT Holsters

First Agent H710

Don Hume H710 First Agent Holster - Front Side

Don Hume H710 First Agent Leather Holsters – Front

The H710 First Agent OWB (Outside the Waistband) holster is comparable to the JIT style holster. The main difference is that it has a 15 degree forward cant rather than being straight up and down.

Because of this, it’s primary position should be on or behind the hip. Think 3:00 to 5:00 for right handed people, and 9:00 to 7:00 for left handed.

Placing this holster in front of the hips can be done. I don’t recommend it, though. It creates a rather awkward draw stroke.

Don Hume H710 First Agent Holsters

H715M IWB (Inside the Waistband)

Don Hume H715M IWB Leather holster - Front View

Don Hume H715M Leather Holsters – Front

This is the most typical of the Humes leather line of Inside the Waistband holsters. It’s a design that features the “mouth reinforcement” that allows easier one-handed reholstering of the gun. It’s secured to the carrier with a very strong metal clip. Trust me on this, it’s a very strong clip. A lot of people trying these on at the gun shows have trouble removing it.

Don Hume H715M IWB Holsters

General Notes on Don Hume Leather Holsters

These holsters are all molded to specific gun types. Many holsters are “forgiving” on the fits. Molded leather is not one of those types. Double check the fittings on a holster before purchasing it.  Make sure that it’s marked for your gun.

Don Hume Holsters

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