Derringer Holster for small handguns

Nylon Derringer Holster

At the gun shows, I carry three sizes of Derringer Holster. These are Nylon with a single clip and an adjustable retention strap.

Three sizes of Derringer Holster

Three sizes of Derringer Holster

The construction of this holster allows it to be worn inside the waist or outside the waist. Most people that I’ve sold this to at the shows, choose to wear them outside the waist for comfort. Since they are so small overall, it’s really not that hard to conceal.

Small Sized

The top most holster on the photo is the “small” sized nylon derringer holster. This is a specialty fit for the ultra-small NAA small revolvers. The bottom is open on this, so even the longer barrel models should be fine.

Medium sized

The middle holster, the medium nylon derringer holster, and occasionally the bottom one, fits the more typical Derringer class guns. Note that the exceedingly large ones, such as any of the Bond Arms class guns, will NOT fit in any of these nylon derringer holsters, period.

Large sized

Some of the guns that fit this holster include:

Ruger LCP (first model, the LCP II has a larger trigger guard)

Kel Tec P32 and P3AT

Beretta Tomcat, Bobcat, 22A

Sig Sauer P238

Diamondback DB380

NAA .32 auto and variants

Seecamp .32 auto

Kahr Arms P380

Smith & Wesson M&P 380 with red laser or no laser.  The Green laser model is a bit bulkier.

Kimber Micro Carry .380

If the gun you are looking to holster is within these general sizes, and does not feature an overly large trigger guard, you should be able to use it.  Always check manufacturers recommendations when picking a holster.

Retention Notes

Retention on these holsters uses a velcro thumb break strap.  You will need a butter knife or a tongue depressor to make adjustments.

Nylon Derringer Holsters

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