Ankle Holster with Calf Strap

Ankle Holster with Calf Strap

Ankle Holster with Calf Strap and Thumb Strap

Ankle Holster with Calf Strap and Thumb Strap retention.

The ankle holster that I sell at the gun shows is a fairly basic model, but works well. It comes sized for five basic gun styles. It has an adjustable thumb strap giving it a level of retention against droppage.

Calf Strap

One of the most important features of an ankle holster is the calf strap. This goes up to just above the calf muscle, and below the knee.  It helps to secure the holster from “wandering downwards”.

An ankle is naturally a “v” shape, pointing down. Wrap something around it, and move it enough, and the item in question will start migrating downwards. This isn’t something you want happening. A calf strap helps to keep this from happening. It shares the weight of the rig.  And it puts it in an area that is wider at the “bottom” than the top.  Thus making it far harder to move accidentally.


I am personally not a big fan of this type of holster in general, no matter what it’s design. It tends to be a slower draw than other holster designs, and harder to get to in a hurry. However, there are uses for this design, and people for whom it works well.

I’ve talked with people, for example, that drive for a living: Taxis, Ubers, Truck Drivers. They appreciate being able to keep the gun out of the waistline.  Given their seated posture, snagging a gun out of a ankle holster isn’t as difficult for them.

The next group of people that find the ankle holster useful, are those that are in need of “deep concealment”. Most people don’t tend to check out your ankles, so this can be a decent way to avoid casual detection when concealed carrying.

One other thing that I can recommend the ankle holster for: It’s good for a secondary gun. If you feel the need for a second gun, an ankle holster usually won’t get in the way of your primary gun.

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