KansasCCW came into concept shortly after Kansas actually got a concealed carry law for the first time in, well, forever. My wife and I had done all our paperwork and sent in all the applications, and then the multi-month wait began… and during that time, I started looking into the various things that were necessary to actually carry a concealed weapon.

Carrying a concealed firearm is NOT a simple task for most… if you truly want to keep it concealed, there can be a lot of work to it. I quickly found out that I was not happy with most of the offered systems out there, especially those locally available in Kansas. Sure, I could mail order… and spend lots of money on things that I haven’t even touched before, and hoped that they would actually work correctly for me… but I really didn’t like that idea.

So, with my new license in hand, I went to the 2007 NRA Meeting in St. Louis, with the intent of seeing what might be out there that my wife and I could put to use. Wandering through that 5 acres of display, I saw lots of options… but only a handful really looked useful to me. I bought a couple of holsters, including a “wallet holster” for a Kel-Tec P32 pistol, and went home.

Upon arriving home and showing my new wallet holster to friends, they wanted one as well, so I contacted the manufacturer to see about getting some more… and found out that they were looking for people to sell their products at gun shows for them. Hmmm… an excuse to go to a gun show every weekend? Where do I sign? 🙂

We started selling just those two holster types that the wallet holster manufacturer made… and from there, branched out. Even thought we sell far more than their holsters now, there was one vital lesson that they taught me… and that lesson was “trying is believing”. Many places selling holsters either require you to imagine what they will work like, because they won’t let you play with them (and in cases of internet sales, how -could- you play with them beforehand?) Even stores and gun show vendors that sell holsters, where you can handle them beforehand, really didn’t give you a good experience to judge by… putting on an empty holster isn’t a good way to determine what the items will feel like in real life.

That problem is solved by the use of aluminum dummy gun forms… unlike the plastic training dummies, or air soft guns, or even plastic toys used by some holster sales places, aluminum dummy guns not only give you the right shape and size of a carry gun, but mostly the same weight, giving you a more true to life experience, and giving you far more information on how well the combination will work for -you-. You can bring your carry weapon with you when you come to see us, and actually fit it if you like as well… try that at Wal-Mart or other “big box” stores selling holsters, and see what happens. (grin!)

Another difference that you will find with us, is that we actually use the products that we sell, and can answer most questions about them. I have personally used many of the products that I sell in real life, in real carry situations, and can give you ideas on tricks and techniques to make things work better for you. I also listen to my customers, and pick up -their- tricks and techniques, and pass that on as appropriate. Ask me a question, and you are going to get an honest, informed opinion. I’m not going to push something just because it’s what I have for sale in front of me. Many times, I’ve directed customers elsewhere if what they need is something that I can’t provide for them.

I have a simple policy when it comes to customer service… treat people the same way I would want to be treated. Honestly, fairly, and competently. That isn’t too much to ask, I think, and that’s the way I treat my customers.

So, next time you are thinking about trying out some new CCW holsters, and want to really know if something is going to work for you or not… why not look us up at a local gun show, and find out for certain if something is really good for you or not?  I think that once you give us a try, you will see why many people now come back to us again and again when they need a new holster.. because when you come to us, you get the information that you need, and the service that you desire, all at prices that you can afford.

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