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Packin’ Tee Concealed Carry T-Shirt 

Find out about the most versatile concealment t-shirt on the market today!

Grip Huggers and other Camille Concealed Gear 

Looking for Womens’ Concealed Carry, including purses, holsters, and other specialty items?

Concealed Carry Tips – Weapons Selection 

Thoughts on weapons selection for concealed carry.

Concealed Carry Tips – Wear a Good Belt 

The importance of wearing a good, strong belt when you are carrying a weapon, at least from the waist down.

Concealed Carry Tips – Accessibility and Retention 

Accessibility and Retention issues with Concealed Carry.

Concealed Carry Tips – Comfort 

Make sure that your choice of rigs is something that you can live with, because you will be living with it.

Concealed Carry Tips – Concealment 

Concealment – How much is enough?

Concealed Carry Tips – Overview 

A Brief (for me) overview of the major elements you should take into consideration when deciding on a concealed carry method.

Concealed Carry Tips – Price and Affordability 

Some thoughts on price and affordability issues when picking concealed carry gear.